Leather Bags for every occasion designed by Lara Klass a designer established in Athens Greece

~ ~ Leather Fabric Design Create Fantasy Art Style Love Magic Aura and above all women! Elements that make up the driving force that lead me and give me the inspiration to create bags that appeal to all women who adorn and beautify our presence around the world! Every woman is unique and why I think it is worth vary and evolve, and most of all to love and love ..! ~ ~

Bag is something that leaves my imagination free to create with leather and fabric these two supplies are especially loved by me and leave my imagination free.. To bring into life new designs which same time will be stylish and convenient for everyday usage is for me a challenge and that is really temptating!
An ornament of woman who makes us feel more feminine and completes our outfit but also is a very practical everyday tool that set our hands free and makes our every day life much easier and above all more colorful and beautiful. For this reason, those bags I create with style and design them to be practical and to be able to withstand intense and varied daily life!

Lara Klass

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